Dear Annie: My flirty new father-in-law spied on me while I was changing

'Dear Annie' columnist Annie Lane

Annie Lane writes the Dear Annie advice column.


Dear Annie: I recently got married -- in April of this year. This past July, my husband and I visited his family on a camping trip at an oceanside campground. My husband had his bathing suit on, but I needed to change into mine, so I used his parents fifth wheel (a connecting trailer) to change.

What I didn’t realize was that my father-in-law, “Roy,” was in his bedroom looking down at me while I changed. And I had two bathing suits to choose from. I didn’t realize this happened until I got to the beach and my mother-in-law asked if Roy was still sleeping. I panicked for a second, but then thought perhaps he had slept through the whole thing, so I was fine.

That changed later when Roy came up to me with a big smile and said, “I’m glad you chose this bathing suit.” My heart stopped!

Lately, he’s been calling me “Beautiful” and “Gorgeous” instead of my name. He even winks at me, and it makes me super uncomfortable. I’m embarrassed and ashamed. My husband doesn’t know yet, and I’m afraid he will flip out if he ever finds out. He’s quite the jealous type. I’m not sure what to do and am actually quite angry that Roy didn’t let me know he was in there while I was changing. He must’ve seen everything! -- Concerned Daughter-in-Law

Dear Concerned: Wow, this is a difficult situation indeed. Although it will be tough, you have to talk to your husband about the fact that your father-in-law makes you uncomfortable. His behavior is violating and would make anyone feel uncomfortable. If you are to be with him, you have to insist that he stop his flirting and other inappropriate behavior.

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