Faygo’s Bomb Pop-tasting Firework pop has been made into a sorbet

faygo ice cream firework flavor

The new Faygo Firework sorbet from Faygo and Browndog Creamery in Farmington and Northville. (Photo by Edward Pevos | MLive)


NORTHVILLE, MI - Faygo has once again teamed up with local creamery, Browndog Barlor and Restaurant, to create another frozen flavor out of one of its soda pops. You can now get Faygo Firework pop in the form of a sorbet. And it’s vegan.

This is now the seventh flavor, and only non-ice cream creation, from Browndog, which is the only creamery to have a legally-licensed partnership to create ice cream for Faygo.

The two local companies first teamed up last year to create six Faygo ice cream flavors with a Browndog twist. The newest concoction is no exception as it doesn’t just feature cherry, lime and blue raspberry flavors. Browndog has added fresh strawberries to the mixture.

“We reached out to Faygo earlier this year because we wanted to add a new flavor to the collection and we wanted this one to be vegan,” Brian Scherle, Co-Founder of Browndog told MLive. “When we reached out to them and told them we had another idea for a new flavor, the company said no problem. Faygo has really been an amazing partner.”

Each Faygo pint from Browndog is $9 or buy three, get one free through the month of August. The new flavor is also available in scoops along with three other flavors, Groovy Grape, Choc & Rye and Unicorn Swirl. The other three flavors, Motown Jam, Citrus Mist and Peaches & Creme are only available in pints.

And it might surprise you to learn that these ice creams don’t actually contain any Faygo pop in them.

“Faygo gives us its flavorings and then its flavor person comes here to make sure the ice cream we created with its ingredients tastes just like the pop,” added Scherle. “We build it that way. It’s the flavorings, not the soda, otherwise, the ice cream would be crystally and icy instead of sweet and creamy.”

The Faygo pints and scoops are available at Browndog’s two locations: downtown Northville (120 E. Main St.) and downtown Farmington (33314 Grand River Ave.). They are also available at various grocery stores in the area.

Live out of town? You can shop online here and Browndog will ship the ice cream pints overnight in containers with dry ice.


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